Friday, December 14, 2012

Dallas, TX - Day 3

Odometer 27101

Trip meter 0 miles

Shopping nirvana. Jim and Sally have assisted us in finding, just about everything we were needing in this shopping mecca. We went to Walmart and purchased 6 gallons of Delo 400 motor oil and a big catch pan for changing the oil in the Caterpillar engine and the Onan generator. We went to Holt Caterpillar for a couple of oil filters, and to Tractor supply for a huge filter wrench. We also got a very small and compact upright vacuum for cleaning the floors, and a wireless mobile printer for our laptop and iPad. The printer is very cool- about the size of a loaf of bread and it interfaces by bluetooth connection, and will even run on battery power if needed.

Joan and I are amazed at the vast area encompassed by Dallas, Fort Worth and all the satellite cities. People here think nothing of driving an hour or an hour and a half to get to the particular store or restaurant they want to visit. At least the Austins are set up with the right vehicles for this task. Jim's plush diesel Jetta gets over 40 miles per gallon!

The weather was cool the day we arrived, and it even got a little below freezing the first night. Last night was warmer, however we woke to clouds this morning and it even has rained, on and off, during the day. The rains are much needed, but we kinda wish they would hold off till after we've moved on :->)

Sally offered us a glass of Chocolate Wine tonight, and I've got to say it was fabulous! Turns out this red wine is bottled in Walla-Walla, Washington. If you haven't tried it- please do. This vintage was labeled the Chocolate Shop, and it's a red wine with a distinct chocolaty finish.

Still working up the courage to actually crawl under the coach an change the oil. Maybe tomorrow...

Jeff and Joan

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