Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dallas Day 4

The rain last night lasted about an hour or two and by Saturday morning the clouds were clearing, and by 10 AM it was a beautiful day. Jim and I planted daffodil bulbs and cut up the mountain of tree branches that were pruned off the trees in the driveway when we arrived Wednesday. Joan and Sally went into Wylie to get hair cuts. At 12:30pm in the afternoon Jim and I were finished and an getting hungry, and the girls still had not returned from the salon.
Jim called Sally and arranged for us to meet at Scotty P's Hamburgers near where Savannah works in Garland. We had a fabulous lunch! Joan and I shared, I ordered a grilled chicken avocado and jack cheese sandwich and Joan ordered a greek salad. Wow- was that a good combo. Savannah works at Movie Trading Company when her college schedule allows, and while we waited for her lunch break, I happened to spot the Jazz CD section and went bananas.
I picked up some lightly used contemporary jazz CDs for an incredible $4 a piece- awesome!

I have everything I need for changing the oil in the MH, but I just didn't feel like tackling it today, and Jim provided all the distraction I needed to put it completely out of mind. I still need to pickup a filter for the Onan Diesel Generator, and we kept our eye peeled for a NAPA store while we were out, but I didn't feel like traipsing all over the NE metroplex so we ended up coming home without one.

Tonight Sally and Joan collaborated on an outstanding dinner of pasta, pork and a delectable salad. After coffee and desert, we adjourned to the living room where Jim regaled me with a selection of rare single malt scotches. We may never leave here!

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