Friday, December 21, 2012

Copano Bay- Rockport, TX

Odometer 27557

Trip meter 0 miles

We ran for the border and the tip of the cold front caught us anyway. At least I can say that while others are experiencing sub-zero temperatures (and snow!) we are "suffering" through 50 degrees and partly cloudy.

Today was a day of exploration.

First the RV park that we are in has waterfront on Copano Cove, a small inlet off of the much larger Copano Bay. There is a pier for fishing and watching sunsets, and, if it gets warmer, a pool.

We drove in the car to Fulton harbor on the opposite side of this tiny peninsula, where we checked out Fulton Mansion which occupies a prominent spot on the water's edge. Built in 1877 it looks as good today as it must have looked back then.

We noticed all the piers jutting out into the water, and because of the shallow depth they go a long way out. The harbor is a working boat basin and looks not unlike the harbors along the Oregon coast.
We drove north on State Hwy 35 out of Fulton and checked out the Copano Causeway, the bridge that connects our peninsula to the north shore of Copano bay and Goose Island State Park. Workers are busy building a brand new causeway (bridge)structure alongside the existing one. The sun was dodging in and out of the clouds and gave us a beautiful backdrop for this photo.
We drove through Goose Island Park and just had to check out the largest live oak tree in Texas. This tree is 11 feet in diameter, and 35 feet around the trunk. Most impressive of all- it is 1000 years old!
This tree was 500 years old when the Spanish first explored Aransas Bay in the 15 hundreds. The Civilian Conservation Corps built the first fence around the tree in the 1930s.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be cloudy, but much warmer, with a high of 73, and staying warm all night, with a low of 61.- Yess! Joan and I will continue to explore, heading to Rockport and Aransas Pass- like always- we'll keep you posted.

We hope you are all wrapped in the warm spirit of the holidays.

Jeff and Joan

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