Friday, November 9, 2012

Odometer 25171 Pahrump, Nevada

An easy and relaxing day. The day dawned bright and blue over the Space Station RV park in Beatty. After breakfast we made preparations for travel. We set our sites on Pahrump, a town of 24,000 about 50 miles West of Las Vegas. Why? We've never been there, and an RV neighbor in Phoenix , OR told us its a must do. We are tiring of the warm refrigerator every time we switch to propane, so at Joan's urging I called an RV repair shop in Las Vegas for an appointment to get it fixed. The shop with the top rating on the web forums we frequent, can't get us in 'til Wednesday so we decided to do some local site seeing, catch up on our reading, and do some miscellaneous repairs to fill the days up to Wednesday. One of the repairs high on our list is the day/night shade that snapped a string and cascaded onto our kitchen table in Hat Creek last Tuesday.
The trip to Pahrump is only 77 miles and as we are motoring along we are intrigued by a collection of buildings at the turn-off to Amargosa Valley, State Route 373. We pulled over at the junction and found there is an RV park, a couple gas stations and (ahem) a brothel. Joan wanted to get out and snaps some photos, as this would be the closest we'd get to Area 51! The winds are whipping and it's not all that warm, we quickly scramble back to the warm environs of the motorhome and head out again.
Pahrump with a population of more than 24,000, we are surprised to find, is not an incorporated city! It's only political structure is that of Nye County, the seat of which is located in Tonopah, 166 miles away! Nye county is the third largest county in the whole USA - all 18,147 square miles of it.
Arriving in Pahrump around noon we find a delightful, and reasonably priced RV park at Saddle West Hotel and Casino. After lunch in the coach, we make a quick trip (okay not so quick trip) to the RV Superstore in Pahrump netted us a day/night shade repair kit that we've been told takes most of a day to install. We figure we can do it in about 2 hours ;->).
We also need to replace three more broken drawer glide supports, so we stop by Home Depot for these. The drawer supports is a common defect for this era motor home and we are getting good at swapping them out.
We are smiling about purchasing a heated water hose at Camping World before we left Medford. We have learned that the blue norther that we have been running from will close in on us tonight. The mountains to the east of us are dusted in snow, even though Pahrump has been delightfully warm and sunny since we arrived at noon. The low temperature tonight is forecasted to be 32, tomorrow's high is 54 with a low of 28 on Saturday. The kicker is it will be SUNNY! Temps climb back up to 70 within a few days
Man, this is roughing it!

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