Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nov. 11, 2012 Odometer 25,241 Las Vegas, NV This photo is for you Doug! I neglected to insert a photo of the Alien Center in my last blog so here it is. This building sits on the edge of the Nevada Test Site north of Vegas. I'ts interesting to me that Aliens actually prefer Marlboros to their home brands.
Joan and I really enjoy the high desert and the long straight roads give us time to marvel at the way the sun plays across the landscape, and the distinctive flora of the region. Joan took this picture of the Spotted Range, one of many we have passed by in the last several days.
Pahrump is beautiful, Joan and I love anyplace that has blue skies and palm trees. Even with a "cold front" upon us the daytime temperature is in the low 60's and the sun is WARM!
The respite here allowed us time to get some chores done- I have to pace myself though so I only polished the two aluminum wheels on the sunny side of the coach. The others will have to wait until we park with the driver's side to the sun. I don't have any pictures but it would have been interesting to show you the restringing the day/night shade. We did accomplish it in about 2 hours even though we had to do it all over again when we found that the strings were about 18" too short the first time (arrugh!) Oh well, we just had another blind give up last night so maybe I'll still get a chance to show you photos.
Las Vegas calls and we finish up our projects in preparation for the epic 50 mile journey to the largest city in Nevada. In Vegas we opt for another full service park, and we found a good clean, and affordable park less than a mile from the RV repair shop we'll use on Wednesday for the refrigeration work. With the hookups complete and lunch dishes done, we head out for downtown to experience the strip. This is a Sunday afternoon in the late, late fall and the streets are FULL of tourists like us. It is so much more crowded than we were expecting! Here are a few of the sites we saw: Lady Liberty
The Fountains at the Bellagio-
A night shot of the traffic on Las Vegas Boulivard

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  1. Waiting for an update on the refrigerator repairman!