Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Joan and I have returned to Medford from a trip to see my family in Salem, OR, since, if things go well, it may be 6 to 8 months before we return to the Pacific NW.  The timing was very good as the fall colors made the drive from Medford a lot more pleasant, and the visit coincided with my older brother’s birthday on Sunday.  Joan and I aren’t the only Smiths to be starting a new chapter in life.  Mom is adapting to a new phase in her life- moving from her spacious home in Medford to an apartment in a retirement center in Salem.  My younger brother and his wife graciously offered up their driveway and a 20 amp power cord to make our stay in Salem both fun and economical.  The 36 foot motorhome we now call home provides all the comforts with very little outside assistance.  It gives us the ability to live comfortably for 3-4 days with out any utility hookups; however we have found that a power cord and wi-fi are luxuries that we will gladly accept!   Though space tends to isolate us, the bonds of brotherhood are strong, and when we are together it seems like no time has passed.  We fall into an easy friendship that will withstand any amount of separation.   I should mention here that my sister lives on the northern coast of California, and as with my brothers there is a strong bond that allows us to see each other intermittently, yet pick up the conversation as if it had not been interrupted.  Sis injured her back a few weeks ago and was not able to travel.  I wish now that I had planned this out better and worked in a visit with her before we left.
Tonight we are the guests of my very good friend and long time motorcycle riding buddy, Mark.  He and his lovely wife, Carolyn have shared many life experiences with us and our friendship has weathered all adversities for 24 years.  Tonight Mark cleared out a space for us in their driveway, and again with the much coveted power cord!  Rather than introduce every character in my life in my second blog post, I think I’ll talk more on the wonderful people that make up my world, a little at a time

Tomorrow the adventure begins.   By our reckoning, we are back at the beginning tonight and progress towards our new adventure starts here tomorrow!

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