Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 7th 2012

Odometer 24821 Our luck is holding! We skinnied into Reno just in front of a huge winter storm. The Weather Channel says they are thinking about naming this storm! Yikes! The trip from Hat Creek to Fallon was a smorgasbord of beautiful fall foliage. We stopped in Susanville just long enough to eat a sandwich and load up on some groceries. On the way from Susanville to Reno we watched as a huge dust storm blew up over Honey Lake, the plume went hundreds of feet into the air and dozens of miles across at the base. Luckily it stayed well away from Hwy 395 where we were. We didn't leave Hat Creek until almost 10:30 this morning, and we averaged about 50 to 55 miles per hour mainly because California has a 55 mph limit on vehicles towing, that coupled with road construction- well... I say all that to explain our ripping pace, we put on a whole 400 miles since Medford in two days! Tomorrow promises to be very different. We are running in front of the storm and have to make tracks. The neighbors here in Fallon RV park are a delightful couple from Myrtle Creek, they are heading for Yuma for the winter. I hope we connect with them again down the line. Winds are supposed to whip up tonight and be 25-35 tomorrow with gusts up to 70 mph- not fun in a 36' breadbox on 6 wheels. I'll be needing an asprin and neck rub by the time we get to Hawthorne.

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