Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 6, 2012 Medford to Hat Creek

Blog Post 11.6.2012 After a restful night as a driveway guest in Medford, we hitched up and set out for Susanville CA. We chose to make a quick stop in Ashland to pick up the prescription sunglasses I left in our stored auto, and I took a fast lap through the halls of Adroit Construction where I used to work. Many good memories, and all good friends. I have promised to keep everyone up to date on our adventure through this blog. We are having issues with our refrigerator while running it on propane, and after discussing whether to stay on in Medford and have it worked on, Joan and I decided to head off down the road and deal with it later. The cooling unit works great on electric, so as long as we plug in at night, things don’t get too worrisome. There will always be something. We know that and we’ll consider that part of the adventure (thanks to Mark for explaining life to me in this way!) There are no problems, just adventures. The tow car shield we installed with my younger brother’s help in Salem seems to be working well. The shield is a heavy woven mesh cloth that suspends between coach and car over the towbar and prevents dirt and rocks from boiling up behind the bus and clattering down on the hood and windshield of the towed car. The weather was spectacular today, well after leaving the Medford fog anyway. The trip up and over the Siskiyou pass was effortless with the purring 330 hp Caterpillar back there under the bed somewhere. I am so pleased with this motorhome. It astonishes me how smoothly, and precisely it drives down the road. Joan laughs, but I call it my 36 foot sports car- Really! You could only imagine what it would be like to long-haul a coach like this if it were unruly and twitchy to drive. (yeah- we’ve had a few like that too). So here I am driving my sports-coach through the back country on California state highway 89 enjoying the gold and rust colored leaves on the deciduous trees lining the hills- and smiling!

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