Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Weed Heights, NV

Odometer  53840
Trip Meter 163 miles

We still can't shake the gremlins in our electrical umbilical cord that operates the lights on the back of our towed car.  We wake up to a beautiful morning in Susanville and are ready to pull out and get on the road at 9:30 AM.  The turn signal lights on the car are not working with the motorhome.  Hey!, at least it's not raining I tell myelf as I take out the tote bag of hand tools and the mechanics cushion mat.
Electrical connector for towing lights
On close inspection it appears that the electrical contact pins in the socket on the motorhome are pushing out the back of the plastic socket.  We have brought a spare with us and it appears that now would be a good time to install it.
After about an hour or so Joan and I have the new socket installed for a temporary fix.  Temporary because I do not like the rats nest of wires that is at that location, the wire size is too big, and instead of  6 wires there are 8.  With two wires clipped off and the other 6 installed we test and it works!
A temporary repreive until I can re-do it correctly, but for now we can hit the road.  I'ts now 11:15 AM

We take US 395 all the way to the Nevada border and on to Reno.   Neither of us enjoys gambling however we find much to like in Reno.  Today we are not tempted and we do not stop to shop.  Instead we cruise down 395 to Interstate 80 east.  Only a short hop on the Interstate to Fernley where we can take Alt 95 south to Yerington where we will check into the Weed Heights RV Park.

Carson River near Silver Springs, NV

  We are both unexpectedly tired after our late start and Joan found this interesting RV park during an internet search.  It's on the site of a former Anaconda Copper mine (deja' vu for those who know Ajo, another copper town)

Photo of Weed Heights RV Park

We received a very warm greeting from the park hosts, Mark and Carrie, at the check-in area.  We paid the incredibly low price of  $22.50 for a full hook-up site after they assured us that they could find a space for us.
Once settled in we took off on foot to do some exploring.
The open pit mine was started in 1951, and was open 6 days a week until 1978 when it was closed.

Weed Heights, Clyde E. Weed, Anaconda copper mine, Nevada copper

Annaconda built a complete town with housing for 450 employees, along with the infrastructure that it would take to mine about 1.8 billion pounds of copper.  The open pit is a half mile across and 800 feet deep.  The water in the lake is 450 feet deep.
When the mine closed in '78 the housing was turned into rental units and at this time we guess that over a half of them are currently occupied.  The name Weed Heights (which brings a snicker in this day and age) comes from the name of the Chairman of the Board of Anaconda at that time Clyde E. Weed.
Tomorrow we will try for an earlier start and hope to make it to either Goldfield or Beatty.

Your Traveling Friends

Jeff and Joan

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