Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Odometer 54005
Trip 133 miles

Goldfield, NV to Pahrump, NV

Short trip today.
I hate to bore you more with the umbilical, but we had hookup problems again this morning.  The socket on the car finally failed also.  We decided to go ahead and drive to Pahrump and look for a replacement.  The kit we bought last summer from the tow bar manufacturer came with replacements for the wire and both sockets, but we'd had no problems so I didn't feel I needed to replace those pieces.  I brought one socket with me, and left the other socket lying on the workbench back home.
That came home to roost today.

We checked into the Nevada Treasure RV Resort on the outskirts of Pahrump and hooked up the motorhome.  There is an RV store in Pahrump- of course it's on the other side of this very long stretched out city (12 miles away).  The RV center did not have the socket, however we were able to get one at an auto parts store, and it is now installed in the car.  Hope it works when we hook up tomorrow morning.

The Nevada Treasure is a high end resort, however they have a few normal spaces for overnighters like us.

The exclusive spaces have nice pavers all around, a grotto of trees and a thatched roof huts for you to entertain in.  Some even have outdoor kitchens.  That's all above our wants or needs.

Your Traveling Friends

Jeff and Joan

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