Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Goldfield, NV

Odometer 53871
Trip meter 190 miles

Weed Heights to Goldfield, NV

Up at the crack of 8 AM we were ready to leave by 10 AM, not a personal best, but maybe close ;->)
We said our good-byes to Mark and Carrie who were busy collecting leaves from under the big trees surrounding the club house and laundry.  As we performed our light check on the toad we discovered that, hmm.. the turn signals weren't working.  What a surprise!  At least this time, re-seating the plug in the socket of the car got things going- we are off.

We took Alt 95 again, this time it was straight east over to US 95 at Schurz, and then south on 95 past Walker Lake and into the town of Hawthorne, NV.  Hawthorne is home to the Hawthorne Army Depot,  THE largest depot in the world.  (their sign says so).  Their mission is to receive, renovate, maintain, store, and issue ammunition.

There are hundreds of square miles and thousands of buildings and bunkers out in the desert just across from town

There is also a Ordinance Museum on the main street in Hawthorne that I will have to come back to.  Joan found the idea a major bore, so on our next trip I'll have to find something else for her to do while I check this out.

Glass Bottle House
We continued from Hawthorne 97 miles to Tonopah, and then another 26 miles south of Tonopah to Goldfield, NV to where we decided we'd spend the afternoon exploring and spend the night in a local RV Park.

We've blogged about Goldfield before in these pages, but we still felt like we hadn't seen it all yet.  We got set-up in the Goldfield RV park, and headed off on foot to see more of the town.  The late season has the sun setting here around 4:30 PM because of the tall hills just west of town.  We were able to see a lot of the town before it got dark enough, and we were hungry enough, that we thought we should head back "home".

We saw several of these bottle houses, where old wine and beer bottles were used to cut down on the amount of mortar needed for walls, plus it added light to the interior, and insulation to the walls.

Historic Home in Goldfield, NV
 This wood frame house has a bronze badge and number from the Historical Society but unless they do some restorations, it is not going to be standing much longer...
Early fire engine in Goldfield, NV

This early fire truck had no badge on it, and
I'm not savvy enough to know the year and make.

Subway stair covers in Goldfield

You just have to ask- how did these stair covers get here and from where??  Not a lot of subways on the West Coast.

The Goldfield RV Park  Goldfield, NV 11/2016
All by ourselves in the RV park.  There were 3 spaces available out of 10 total in the park
the others had "out of order" signs on them.

Tomorrow on to Pahrump...

Your Traveling Friends

Joan and Jeff

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