Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tax Prep and a Little Time to Play

Odometer 28240 miles

Trip Meter 0 miles

Not to anyone's surprise, the weather tends to be a driving force in our day to day planning. When it is sunny and warm, we plan things outside, and when it is cool or rainy we find lots to do inside. The rains came yesterday evening and pretty much pattered on the roof through the night, so we declared Tuesday to be tax preparation day. Today we pulled together all the W-2s and 1099s that have been collecting in our in-box and printed them out. Went on-line to ferret out the ones we didn't have, and established and re-established our on-line accounts to be able to download what we needed. So far so good- however when the sun started to shine after lunch- the cats had to play!
We needed exercise and it didn't take too much convincing to hibernate the computer and to get on the bikes and take off.

We rode out of the park and down South Beach Boulevard in the general direction of the Casino about 2 miles west of our RV park.
The western end of the South Beach Boulevard pretty much starts at the Casino, and goes east to Bay St. Louis about 6 or 7 miles, following the water's edge all the way.
Since it is a two lane road without a shoulder, we rode on the sidewalk, which isn't too bad when there is sand adjacent.

However when the sidewalk is adjacent to the water the riding becomes a little more attentive. Errors here will get you wet and damage your pride/
We stopped occasionally to marvel at the pond-flat waters of the Gulf this afternoon, and to photograph the seabirds.
This was the first time we had seen it so calm. The waves aren't typically huge, by Pacific standards- but there is usually some surf.

After our bike ride we decided to take some of our favorite beverage, and head for the beach to watch the sun set.

Okay, not a spectacular sunset and you can still see some of the rain puddles left over from last night's rain storm.
The sand here is like light brown sugar! it looks terrific, and it feels like running your hands through sugar- Awesome!

We drove down to the Slipper to get a picture of their intricate lighted sign. Are these signs still neon? Probably LEDs for all I know, but it gets your attention.

One more day here in Mississippi before we move on to Gulf Shores, Alabama. The weather is supposed to be nice, so we're looking forward to another day of fun and exploration.

Jeff and Joan

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