Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Odometer 28493

Trip meter 103 miles

The weather held off for us and we were able to pack up from our four days at Gulf Shores State Park, Alabama and hit the road for Destin, Florida. This is a short trip of about 100 miles due east. Our trip would take us up State Highway 292 along the Gulf and into the edge of Pensacola, where we would take State route 98 over a long, long bridge over Pensacola bay and down to the southeast side of Pensacola Bay , where we were set to continue due east to the town of Fort Walton Beach. At Fort Walton Beach we crossed over a short bridge to Okaloosa Island where route 98 continues east to Destin, FL, back on the main land. The next 15 miles on Hwy 98 were grueling, stop and go grid lock traffic as we moved through a shoppers haven of big box and chain stores. Finally we got our chance to break off from 98 and take County Highway 30A to Grayton Beach State Park.
When we got to the park we were greeted with a sign that said the park was full. We decided to ask before we just drove away- and sure enough, there was a spot for one night- which we grabbed. We quickly set up the RV and got ready to go to one of the best beaches in the US. The weather was iffy- it actually started to rain as we got in the car to drive down to the beach- but we could not be discouraged. When we got to the beach a few minutes later, the rain had stopped and the temperature was around 67 degrees. We bounded down the boardwalk to the beach and discovered that the red flag was up for hazardous conditions.

Not deterred, I had to get wet. I checked out the temperature by wading in up to my knees and it felt cool, but not cold.

After wading in the surf I decided I had to get in
This is a huge part of what I was hoping for in this trip! Water warm enough to swim in and clear and appealing enough to make it fun! Can't wait to get a mask and snorkel and do this again.
If we cannot get a space in this park for another day or two, we are prepared to move on to the St. Joe Peninsula about 2 hours south and east of here. Looks like we may have to start making reservations as the parks get busier, something we really don't like to do. We value our ability to come and go as the mood strikes us.

Jeff and Joan

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  1. Looks like fun, but the wind is really whipping that flag!