Monday, February 11, 2013

Gulf Waters

Odometer- getting rusty
Trip meter- 0

We had a little scare yesterday with a weather report that put us on the edge of a predicted severe weather storm. By 3PM the report added a tornado watch for several counties, including ours! Our good fortune was someone else's bad fortune, the predicted tornado hit Hattiesburg, Mississippi north and west of here. The destruction was horrific- I hope never to witness it myself. The forecast was for wind and rain through the night and rain continuing today.
Much to our surprise, the weather started out with low fog, which was starting to lift after 9 in the morning- so Joan and I decided to put on a windbreaker and head for Orange Beach just a few miles up the road from our park. The closer we got to the beach- the more sun we were seeing.

Soon we had our jackets and shoes off and our pants rolled up- the water was warm, and we had a great time wading up and down the beach.
The whole beach front, out side of the state park is covered with mid, and high rise condominiums, and apartments, and this not being the "prime" season there were only a few of us to enjoy miles of beach.

I love the way the dune covered with sea oats sets off the clouds and blue waters of the gulf. This scene is like the pictures I've seen of the tropics- the ones that have me excitedly exploring this area.

By lunch time Joan and I decided to head back to the RV for some lunch and come back to the beach with shorts, towels and chairs.
On our way back to the park, we passed a restaurant on the beach made with used shipping containers- an idea Joan and I have had for our home. We loved the way it was put together and the way they used woodwork to soften the harsh angular look.

Sadly, by the time we had lunch, the clouds rolled in and the predicted rains began to fall. What was such a glorious morning of sun and 75 degrees soon dissolved into cloudy and 61 degrees with intermittent rain and cool breezes. We had to content ourselves with working on our taxes and taking a short walk around the park between showers. Well- it's better than shoveling snow!

Jeff and Joan

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