Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Odometer 28390

Trip meter 150 miles

Today was the day we planned to leave Mississippi and head for Gulf Shores, Alabama, a trip of about 150 miles. That's about the perfect distance for us in a one day trip- let me explain.
In our blog post yesterday I related as to how it started to rain as I packed up the bikes.... Well it rained some more, and then it really rained- all night long. But, and this is the good part, I couldn't believe my eyes this morning as I awoke to brilliant sunshine leaking around my closed blinds! Yep, not a cloud in the sky.
But I digress, back to my explanation about why 150 miles is the perfect distance- Since we had all that rain, I decided that before breakfast I would squeegee off the rain drops on the car and bus. I figure win-win, off with the accumulated dust and no water spots. Only takes a minute- right? Then breakfast, fill the freshwater tank, unhook the utilities, flush out the black tank, clean the windshield, check the tire pressure and check the oil, pull forward and hook up the towed car, etc, etc. Well we were off to a good start, then we got to South Beach Boulevard and found out the rain water was streaming sandy/muddy water off into the roadway. So much for the squeegee job.
Next task- fuel the beast. We scoped out the lower priced stations on our way in last night so we headed up to Waveland Avenue to State Route 90 for fuel. Well- guess what- road work on Waveland Avenue, and the street department has put delineators up the center of the road- well near the center. Our side of the road is about 9 feet wide now. I can just make it without falling off the edge of the road if I miss the delineator and run over it's rubber base. No shoulder, of course, and this goes on for miles- I'm not enjoying this.
Out on route 90 and into the fuel station. Again we block the road with our toad, while we run the credit card through the pump 3 times to fill at $75 increments. I start to hatch and idea for a fuel station catering to RVers. A few of the truck stops SAY they want RVs, but it ain't true. We got our fuel for $3.75 on our credit card today at Murphy, the truck stops we passed today were showing prices of $4 dollars for cash, $4.07 credit, and they still won't let you pull into the truck lanes- they send you to the car plaza.
Sooo.. Now it's close to noon, and we are on our way!
With only a stop for salads at our favorite ( okay- Jeff's favorite) fast food place, we did this:
Drove down Interstate 10 east towards Mobile. Crossed some serious lake/estuarine bodies.

Drove through Mobile, and across the causeway at the top of Mobile Bay. Took State Route 59 down to Gulf Shores. On that- Route 59 is one long town meets town, stop and go, traffic light to traffic light drive that takes a long time to negotiate.

However, we arrived at Gulf Shores State Park and got one of the last 4 spaces they had left- and that was only for tonight- waiting list for tomorrow if we want to stay on. Interesting, and not totally un-expected, but consider we were one of 3 visitors camped in our part of Buccaneer State Park in Waveland- lots and lots of open spaces. Everyone is here, we guess.

Alls well that ends well- eh?

Jeff and Joan

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