Friday, March 20, 2015

Welcome to the Metroplex

Odometer 45641
Trip Meter  247 miles

Thursday March 19, 2015

I was ambitious and bucket washed the coach after dinner last night.   Driving through the rain really makes things ugly fast.  A "bucket wash" is a collapsible bucket with water and a cap full of RV Wash and a microfiber towel.  I hand wash up as high as I can reach from the ground, and dry with a second microfiber towel.  The RV Wash does not require a rinse.  I have been using this technique for many years now and it keeps things looking decent until I can stop and do a real washing.

The forecast called for a 60% chance of rain overnight and this morning, but we were lucky and it stayed dry all night and all day today.

A glance at the route map above shows that we have about 247 miles to our next destination.  We are going to jump off US 180 and climb up to US 380 in order to avoid the Dallas/Fort Worth traffic all together.   Jim and Sally live on the far side of the Metroplex, so we either have to go over/ under/ or through to get there- we chose to go over and back down the far side.

Transitioning from 180 northward up to 380 took us on Texas 67.  We ran into several long sections of highway that were under construction during this leg of the trip.  Luckily the traffic was light and flowed along nicely.

Albany, TX : Significant photos of the downtown area
Photo courtesy of
On US 380 we passed through the town of Albany and were very impressed with what we saw- the homes we saw were large and stately and the businesses were in beautifully restored buildings.  We looked Albany up on the web and found that it is a "Preserve America Community" with a beautifully restored Main Street.  We will definitely come back some day and spend more time.  We did not get any useable photos so I borrowed this photo of the courthouse from the city website.

We arrived in Denton at around 4 in the afternoon and got an overnight space in the Post Oaks RV park for the night.  After getting set-up Joan and I took about a two mile walk down the local roads here before turning in for the night.  Tomorrow after the morning rush hours, we will make the final leg of our trip to Jim and Sally's house in Royse City.  Rain is in the forcast for the next several days.

Your Traveling Friends

Jeff and Joan

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