Monday, March 30, 2015

Cuba, New mexico

Odometer  46,519 miles
Trip Meter 100 miles

Monday March 30, 2015

 We woke up early this morning, with the idea of getting an early start on our way to Bloomfield.  Joan called to make sure that there was a space waiting for us at one of the two RV parks we could find on the web.  We had been told that there were very few places to stay.

We realized that we should fill up the fuel tank on the motorhome and the car to be ready for long stretches with no services.  We also figured that we should take a full cupboard of groceries.

The end result was that we decided to stay in Albuquerque for the morning, which also gave us the opportunity to shop at the RV toy store next door to the RVpark- Camping World.  By the time we had finished going to the gas station and the local Smith's Grocery store, it was noon.  So we fixed lunch and ate it in the Smith's parking lot before heading out on the highway.

The Northwest part of New Mexico where we will be traveling today is very scenic.  The road map in our atlas shows it as a scenic highway and we agree. Beautiful clouds today too.

US 550 runs from Albuquerque ( actually the suburb of Bernalillo) north and west to Bloomfield and Farmington in the northwest tip of New Mexico.  The road is a very nice four lane blacktop with a decently wide paved shoulder.  The wind we had yesterday has abated and at most is just a breeze. The high temperature for today would be 75 and the skies mostly clear and sunny.

It's a long uphill climb from 5,000 feet in Albuquerque to 7000 feet where we stay tonight.  

We  are passing through the tiny town of Cuba, NM when we spot a tiny RV park behind someone's house.  Joan remarks that we are very close to the entrance road to Chaco Culture National Historic Park- Chaco Canyon for short.  We loop back around and ask about a spot for overnight at Theresa's Hair Salon and RV Park.  We see Theresa in person who says sure thing- $20 a night with full hookups.  This will save us going to Bloomfield and then driving back down here tomorrow.

We maneuvered into position behind the hair salon/ home and hooked up to the utilities.  There are about 10 other spots in the "park" and the three or four other residents look to be somewhat permanent.  We intend to get up early tomorrow and head out in the car to explore Chaco.

Your Traveling Friends

Jeff and Joan


  1. 'Gator' has morphed into The Desert Rat! Thanks for the help on the sink and shelves.

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