Monday, March 16, 2015

City of Rocks

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Monday March 16th, 2015

We stayed over an extra day in Deming to be able to visit the City of Rocks State Park about 30 miles north of town.

Sign at the entrance to City of Rocks State Park

We were astonished that there could be a park filled with huge bolders out here.  We blew right by the entrance to this park in 1012 on our way from Silver City to Carlsbad.  I hope you'll see from the following photos that the Chihuahuan desert in this area is flat with these super tall mountain peaks rising from the desert floor.  Luckily, when we met up with Bob and Bev Burns this winter they told us about the wonders of this awesome park, and we decided we had to see it.

City of Rocks lies in the desert below

The Park is 4 miles off of New Mexico Hwy 61 and all the way in, we kept looking across the flat valley saying where could it be.  Finally we came ove a small rise and there it was!

Large boulders some are 40 feet high

The park is not a preserve, it is actually open to campers and RVs if you want to see the night sky from the solitude of this grand fortress- you can.

Comic image of a woman re-arranges the boulders

Joan insisted on cleaning up a few of the loose boulders...

Jeff and Joan pose in front of a large boulder

The rocks are huge!  We thoroughly enjoyed hiking the trails in and around the massive stones.

Narrow passage between boulders
Created 34.9 million years ago by a volcanic eruption, the large boulders have been sculpted by wind and water into the 40 foot high monoliths we see today.  It gives me pause to realize that the Mimbreno Native Americans used these rocks for shelter and protection as far back as 750 AD.
New Mexico created the City of Rocks State Park in 1953, not for preservation, but for recreation.  The area is completly open to hiking, climbing, camping and picnicing.  Some RV and tent camping places have been nestled into the site
Joan sits on a cleft in a huge boulder

Your Traveling Friends

Jeff and Joan

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