Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Not the End of the World, but we can see it from here...

Odometer 37748

Hi friends!
Here is a mural we spotted in downtown Ajo today-

Apparently the people of this small town have no problem poking fun at themselves

On a walk today we found a house that looked like a good little fixer for us.  (just kidding :->)

Still our favorite garage of all is this one-

I know I showed you this one last year, but it bears a repeat.

Joan spent the morning writing and addressing our Christmas cards.  

We decided to do two batches, one via snail mail, and another batch via e-mail, to make sure we get one to everyone we don't have physical addresses for.

Jeff spent a good (bad) part of the morning re-stringing the window shade on the dining area window.  For those of you that said "Aha! you did that window shade last year" give yourself a gold star.  One of the plastic bushings that keep the strings from fraying came loose and the aluminum cut through the cord.  No way to just fix one cord- the whole blind has to be competely disassembled, and then re-strung with one new cord (there are a total of four cords)

Last night our little 1500 watt electric heater quit- so Jeff took it apart to see what was going on.  Turns out it was an easy diagnosis, the main power switch was getting too hot and melting?  Jeff searched the web for a replacement switch, but thought why not contact the manufacturer?  He wrote off to Vornado and got an answer back this morning.  They will not send parts, however for $30 to $40 dollars plus shipping, will fix it for me.  It's a 11+ year old heater and I think that is what we paid for it new-  probably won't go that route.

While we were having lunch, I looked up and saw what I thought were a couple of house cats moving through the space next to ours.

I looked again and realized there were two Lynx heading across the road and disappearing into the scrub on the other side.  We were told by the park host, Sandy, that it is not an uncommon sight here. Sandy also told us wild pigs will wander through occasionally.  All this, and a zoo too! - what more could we want?

Joan got out the little 18" Christmas tree we bought in Medford and decorated it all up.

We are looking very festive.
Hope you are all getting in the spirit of the holiday

Warm wishes from the Sonoran Desert

Your Traveling Friends

Joan and Jeff

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