Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fort Mohave

Odometer. 37468
Trip meter 254

We are set up in the Moon River River RV park in the Mohave Valley.  The nearest town is Ft. Mohave.
We bypassed Ft. Mohave last November when we drove down from Oregon heading for the Texas gulf coast, staying instead in Bullhead City just a few miles north of here.  We did stay in this RV park about 3 or 4 years ago when we were on a quick vacation from work, also heading south for a break from winter.  The park is very neat and tidy, has big shade trees, and is very quiet.  

Today is a rest day for us.  We have been driving for 5 days in a row, and that gets tiring, so we've learned to take breaks to keep our sanity, and to give us a chance to get our routine day to day tasks done.  

Today we took a sight seeing tour up to Bullhead City, and across the Colorado River to Laughlin, Nevada.  Gray skies as you can see.

From Laughlin we drove south down the Nevada side of the river, crossing back over to Arizona at Aztec Road, which is just a few miles from our RV park.

The weather is cool today, but not as cold as the rest of the country is experiencing.  The weather forecast is for rain this afternoon and a cold front.
These sinister looking clouds didn't drop any rain on us, but we'll take freeze precautions for our plumbing again tonight.

Joan also took advantage of the down time to download and fill out all the forms we needed to submit to get reimbursed for the flu shots we got while we were in Salem.  While she worked on that I scanned in receipts to update our spending reports.  We keep track of our spending to allow us to stay within our financial means- a sometimes unpleasant, but necessary, task.  This is not an endorsement, but we are using Neat Desk software and scanner to keep not only our spending data, but digital copies of all our receipts.  This allows us a mostly paperless system, and lets us throw away all the paper receipts once they are scanned in.  Neat allows me to generate spending reports by categories that we set up.  Knowing where your money is going, gives you a level of control.  So far we have managed to live on what we make in my Social Security and Joan's pension.

Joan also managed to get a couple loads of laundry done, don't tell me we don't live an exciting life!

Enjoying the Arizona desert.

Your Traveling Friends,

Jeff and Joan

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