Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wheatey, Ontario

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Our good friends George and Shona answered our e-mail with a phone call yesterday, and told us they would be delighted to have us visit them in Wheatly, Ontario, Canada. This morning we will head out of the Harbortown RV park in Monroe, MI and travel to Detroit where we can cross over to Windsor, Canada on the Ambassador Bridge
There was a moderately long line of cars in front of us and it took about 30 minutes to work our way to the head of the line. Once we arrived at customs our passage through was swift.

Just over the bridge from Detroit is the city of Windsor, a beautiful and vibrant place. Windsor sits in stark contrast to the abandoned buildings and storefronts we saw coming up I-75 through Detroit.
We took Canada Route 3 which would take us to Leamington and Wheatley, and as Shona had warned us we were plunged into a very large road construction project. The traffic was light, and the construction posed no problems for us. What did pose a problem, was our GPS. when we left Harbortown, we were navigating with the i-Pad because the only way the GPS would route us, was back to Sandusky, OH and over the ferry to Leamington. A nice excursion, we are sure, but not what we had in mind for today. We thought once we were underway the GPS would recalculate and get with the program- not so. Now that we had crossed over into Canada, our i-Pad dropped out because we were too cheap to opt for international data roaming. Turns out we had very good directions from Shona and found our way very easily. Route 3 to Leamington is a very good two lane highway and the landscape on both sides is crops and orchards as far as the eye can see. As we get closer to Leamington we notice greenhouses- LOTS of greenhouses- not small ones either. We found out later that Leamington is the home to Heinz catsup and this area produces tomatoes and cucumbers by the ton.

Joan and I took a side trip into Leamington to get some lozenges and cough syrup for Joan, and to pick up some steak for K-bobs. Joan's cold, now in day 7 looked like it was on the way out this morning- only to come roaring back this afternoon. Just what you want in a guest.
We navigated the last several miles from Leamington to Wheatley, to Camper's Cove, arriving around 3PM

Our reunion with George and Shona was wonderful! George is on staff at Campers Cove, and was on hand to help us get registered and to escort us to this fabulous site.

After getting settled in, we prevailed on Shona to give us a walking tour of the park. We especially wanted to see the beach.

The breeze off Lake Erie is what makes this park so popular in the summer months. Shona told us it was good for about 10 degrees of cooling. Today however it brought the temperature to the mid 50s which we didn't really need!

When George gets off work for the day, we will get together for dinner, until then, it's time to get set-up and moved into our new home in Canada!

Your Traveling Friends

Joan and Jeff

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