Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rain and Snow??

Odometer 31941
Trip 0

We woke up this morning to rain mixed with snow...

We had arleady weighed our options last night, and decided to hang in here at Luddington for another day and see what the jet stream would bring us for Sunday.
Late in the afternoon the skies cleared up and the sun shone on us- however it was with a bitter wind and temps in the low 40s.
 We have looked ahead to what we can expect by going north tomorrow.  Traverse City will have a high of 40 tomorrow with rain mixed with snow, and a low of 32.  It does not look much improved until Wed of next week, when the temperature will get up to 68.  What to do?  We really didn't want to be exploring northern Michigan in the freezing cold.

 One high point of the day- I was out for an afternoon walk through the RV park when I spied this little prankster.   Got a squirrel proof bird feeder eh?  I don't think so!  This daredevil kept me amused for several minutes with acrobatic maneuvers I can't even describe.

We had a nice quiet day catching up on our e-mails and reading our favorite blogs and forums.  All and all it was a good day!

Your Travelling Friends

Joan and Jeff

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