Friday, May 24, 2013

Across Wyoming

Odometer  33816
Trip 274 miles

Another day, another interesting start.  We were low on propane, and had a half of a tank of fuel in the motorhome.  We did get kind of an early start for us, jacks up and moving by 9:15 AM - that's good.  The Heartland RV park had propane, so knowing how difficult the last several fill-ups have been, we didn't even price- check.  Joan Googled diesel prices and we got a hit on the Pilot on I-90, which is strange, because we've never found them to be low priced.  They are easy to get into with a big rig, so we chanced it.  We got to the exit and cruised into the Pilot only to find the price on the high side- but we have a discount club card so we pulled in.  The pump scanned both cards and we didn't get the discount- typical.  The clerk was no help and we left thinking why don't we ever learn?
So much for our early start, we are finally full of fuels and on our way to Sheridan, WY. I-90 isn't just the most direct way- it's the only way so I tough it out.  I really don't like freeway travel.

Before we have gone very far we came to the town of Sturgis, and just had to take the exit and roll through the down town.

Both of us were glad we were here in the off- season.  We'd never have gotten this close in August!
It was now 11:30- we stopped at Taco John's and got a couple tacos so we wouldn't have to stop later for lunch.  Back on the Interstate, we rolled through Sundance and  Moorcroft and when we get to Wyodak we start seeing coal trains and soon the Wyodak Mine.

Wyodak is the 30th largest producer of coal in the US, established in 1950 on the site of the former Peerless Mine, which was established in 1918. Whereas Peerless was a subsurface mine, Wyodak prefers the open pit.

We rolled through Gillette without stopping, hoping to get to Sheridan and our RV park by early afternoon.
As we get close to Buffalo, we get to see something that excites us more that we would have guessed.

Mountains!  Real big, snow capped mountains!  We are in the West again.

We got to Peter D's RV park at 4 in the afternoon, and got checked in.

Joan just wanted to set-up and relax, so I got busy cleaning the bugs off the front cap and windshield, lubing the automatic step, deploying and drying the awnings, poking and prodding at the driver's side mirror to see if I could find a way to tighten it up a bit (I couldn't).

Across the driveway from us we have two horses for companions.
The weather has been fabulous today- full sun and temps in the mid 70s.  Tomorrow should be similar weather-wise.   A good accompaniment to our travels to Cody.

Your Traveling Friends

Jeff and Joan 

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