Thursday, April 2, 2015

Odometer  46948
Trip Meter  76 mi

Thursday April 2, 2015

Just for fun, we looked up how many miles we have driven since hitting the road full-time on November 6, 2012.  Our starting mileage back then was 25,730.  Subtracting it out tells us that we have put on 21,198 in about 2-1/2 years.  An average of about 8,500 miles per year.  We are not high milers, never intended to be.  We like to travel yes- but we want to see the places we go- that's part of why we have such a low annual mileage.

That segues into today's topic.  In the last 3 weeks we been spending a little too much time on the road for us.  We're much happier when we have time to relax and enjoy where we are.  We left Ajo, AZ on the 13th of March and since then we have covered 2,325 miles.  When you take into account that we spent a week of the last 3 weeks at the Austin's in Dallas that means we have been averaging 166 miles a day.

That kind of explains why for today we are choosing to go only to Kanab, Utah and spend the rest of the day doing whatever we want- just not driving.

Digital display on diesel pump

We decided to fill up the RV tank with diesel in Page before we leave.  The gauge says we are on the last quarter of the tank so we look for a place we can get into and out of easily.  The days of two dollar diesel are a distant memory as we pump in diesel at $2.87 a gallon.

Photo taken on US highway 89 west of Page Arizona

US Highway 89 will take us north and west across the Colorado River at the Glen Canyon Dam, then on up into Utah. 

Picture of Glen Canyon Dam taken from adjacent bridge

We got some great photos of the Glen Canyon Dam as we crossed over the adjacent bridge... well maybe not so great- well maybe crappy.  We missed the one chance at a viewpoint where we could have taken photos, because you had to take a short driveway to it and we couldn't tell if there was room to swing a motorhome towing a car until too late to make the turn.  Ah! Driving a big rig.

Road signs on US Route 89 in Kanab Arizona

The reason for choosing Kanab was it's central location for getting to Zion and Bryce Canyon.

Street scene in Kanab Utah

A bonus was that the city of Kanab is a very beautiful place.  The setting amongst the impressive high red cliffs helps considerably.

Motorhome in the RV Corral RV Park in Kanab Utah

We checked in to the RV Corral in downtown Kanab- full hookups means showers and washing clothes.  Joan got out the clippers and cut my hair, then we got out the chairs and sat in the sun with our e-books.   Today there is a cool breeze blowing from the north that soon got to us even in the sunshine.

We decided to take a walking tour of the downtown, bundled up in sweatshirts and wind breakers we set off up E 100 street (route 89A through town).

Kanab has been a very important place in the film industry- especially the Western style of films. Starting around 1924 and continuing to the present there have been major films and TV series filmed here. For a complete list click here (Kanab Films).

All along the street there are displays recognizing the Hollywood stars that were involved in films made here.

Back home Joan made vegan pizzas that were excellent, we watched some TV and turned in for the night.

Tomorrow we plan to take the car to Zion National Park.

Your Traveling Friends

Jeff and Joan

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