Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Many Faces of Garrison Lake

Odometer 40242 ( tied up at the pier)

Summer 2014

In the summer we live in the small coastal town of Port Orford in southwestern Oregon.
The town incorporates Garrison Lake, a smallish, fresh water lake, that is separated from the ocean by a sand dune.  
I have put together a collection of the many photos I have of the lake to show it's changeable nature.
A normal breezy day for Garrison Lake

Sunset over a mirror 

Great day to get out and row

An evening stroll near the Pinehurst boat access

The calm after a rainstorm 

Evening sky reflected on the lake

Liquid gold spreads over the lake  near Hamlet Street

The 'ol northwind kicks up whitecaps on the lake
Thanks for letting me share my favorite lake with you.

Your Traveling Friends

Jeff and Joan

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