Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dredging the Harbor

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Saturday August 2, 2014

This morning as I ws driving South down Oregon Street (Hwy 101) in our fair city of Port Orford, I noticed the tip of a crane boom jutting up above the harbor.  The dredge has arrived!
The Corps of  Engineers has been promising to dredge our harbor this summer- and today it's going to happen!

As I've mentioned before, Port Orford, Oregon has a dollie dock, one of only two in the US and of six in the world.  Not that that is a good thing.  The shape of the habor is a natural collector for sand, and the harbor silts in pretty quickly, and having to launch and recover your boat by crane, and to have a trailer or dollie to put your boat on is a pain- and it's expensive.  All the boats that use this harbor must be fitted with lift points and straps or ropes that can be attached to the hook of the crane- another added expense.
Anyway- the harbor is down to about 9 feet of depth in the ship channel a low tide, and the dredging is very important to our livelihood.
About 30 commercial fishing boats that call Port Orford home, landed about 5 million dollars of seafood at our docks last year.

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