Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Portable Saw mill

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Sunday June 1st 2014

The Port Orford Rotary Club, of which I am a newly minted member, will have a fund raising food booth at the upcoming Cape Blanco Music Festival here in August.  The Music Festival is sponsored by BiMart Corporation and it is the first ever for the coast.
Our Rotary club has formed alliances with the Brookings, Gold Beach and Bandon Rotary Clubs, and we are all going to co-operate in building and running the food booth.

As far as the building of the food booth, we happen to have access to a WoodMizer portable sawmill and some low cost logs that we can cut into lumber.

Members of all three Rotary groups were on hand to handle the logs and the sawn planks as they came off the mill

We started out staking the planks in the grassy meadow, and by day's end we had about 4 times as much as you see in the photo above.
I have always wanted to learn how (and how well) these portable mills work.  I've got to say, I came away impressed with it's speed and accuracy.

Job one, is to get the logs loaded onto the log deck, and this is helped by having a backhoe/loader at your disposal..  without the loader, we would have had to roll the logs up a long inclined ramp.

 The log is deposited onto the mill.
and then wrasseled into place, and secured with a mechanical cam.

Then we cut away the bark and rounded edges of the logs, until we had a four sided "cant" to slice the fresh lumber off of.

Once the log had been squared, the 1" x 12" boards came, one after another.  We wanted to cut enough to put siding on 3 food booths, one for us and two to sell to other vendors.

Here is a rendering of what the final product will look like.

Just havin' more fun!

Your Traveling Friends

Joan and Jeff


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