Thursday, March 27, 2014

On to Yuma

Odometer 38285
Trip meter (bus)  308 Mi.

Thursday March 27, 2014

Moving Day!  
I know I'm weird, but I always look forward to moving day- getting ready for that next big adventure.  We have been here in the Quail Ridge RV Park for a month now- arriving on the 27th of February from Ajo, AZ.  Our goal was to see a lot of what this area (SE Arizona) has to offer- and there is a lot to see.
We have managed to see at least some of:
Fort Huachuca
Sierra Vista
San Pedro Riparian Area
 Tumacacori Mission
Amerind Museum
Pima Air & Space Museum
Chiracaua Nat. Monument
Ramsey Canyon
Presidio Santa Cruz de Terrenate
And lots more...

So overall it is a very successful and busy month (did I mention fun?)

This morning we leave Quail Ridge for Yuma and our long trek north, to our winter home in Oregon.  Our route will take us up Arizona 90 to Interstate 10 north and west before jumping off on to Interstate 8 west, for the rest of the way.  The route we are taking will take us north through Tucson- then further north to Casa Grande, before we get to the turn off for Interstate 8.   After 4 hours of Interstate we will arrive in Yuma.  ( I started to say 4 grueling hours - but you all know by now- nothing is grueling about chewing up miles in a cushy motorhome like this one)

By 4:45 we were tucked into our space here at Sans End RV Resort, enjoying a cool libation on the patio with our friend Mark Lankford.
Rough day.

Tomorrow we will do some exploring around  Yuma.

Your Traveling Friends

Jeff and Joan

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