Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dust Storms In the SW

Odometer 37959
Trip Meter 130

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It was, I realized, time for some maintenance on the car- er.. well, a little overdue maybe.  Soo.. yesterday we began with an oil change at the local Jiffy Lube in Sierra Vista, and today we drove up to Costco in Tucson for four new tires.  We got on-line and checked on prices and found that Costco has a $70 off coupon on their Bridgestone radials- I used this as justification for buying them here rather than waiting 'til we get back to Oregon. (sales tax)  I already knew that I could see all of Lincon's head when I stuck a penny in the "tread" (or lack there of)  and the guy at Jiffy Lube was giving me grief yesterday and wanting me to buy some Fuzion may-pops.  Okay- they are probably a great tire- I'd just never heard of them.  Wanted to go with a brand I'd had experience with or at least heard of.

We set out at 9 AM and made the 1 hour transit to Tucson in about an hour and 15 minutes thanks to road construction on I-10.  Costco was easy to find and we got a quote, and got into the line-up by 11AM. 

It's always dangerous to have extra time to browse through Costco, but browse we did.  At noon we had lunch at the food court.  Joan had the grilled turkey sandwich on a ciabatta roll and I had the BBQ beef sandwich- both were delicious.  By the time we were finished with lunch our car was almost ready, and we were out the door by 1 PM with four new grippy paws on the car.  We decided that it was too late to start at the Pima Air and Space Museum- we wouldn't get in a full day like we wanted.  Reluctantly we decided to head home and come back up to the museum later in the week.  The new tires performed beautifuly on the way back- I like them a lot.


The horizon looks smoggy.  I'm wondering what they are doing in Tucson, when a neighbor tells me it dust storms. 

By noon it has enveloped us too.  It's not whipping up around us- it's blowing in aloft and settling in on us- great!
Jeff has registered for some financial and investment webinars that are sponsored by e-Trade.  They take place tomorrow, and we will need wifi which isn't available to us here at the park.  Joan and I drove down to the library in neaby Huachuca City to test out the wifi there and it looks like that will work.  We retirees have to keep on on investing trends.

I have decided to do something different in the blog header.  Up til now I have only been recording miles on the motorhome.  I will continue to do this with the "Odometer", but from now on when we take side trips in the car, I will record that under "Trip Meter".  So today's blog shows our trip to Tucson and back.

Your traveling friends,

Joan and Jeff

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