Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Big Move

Odometer 36043
Trip  360 miles to Medford and back

Monday July 22nd 

Joan and I drove from Port Orford to Medford Monday and picked up a 26 foot U-Haul truck for our big move.  We have arranged with Labor Ready of Medford to have two young men help us with the transfer from POD to truck on Tuesday morning in White City.  Our good friends Mark and Carolyn have invited us to stay the night in their guest room and help us load the many items that they stored for us in the last hectic days of our move in June of 2012.  We loaded 3 large metal storage cabinets, bicycles, a wheelbarrow, lawn and garden equipment, etc, etc.  We also got Mark to help us load our 1986 Gold Wing motorcycle onto our small  utility trailer and get it hooked up to the Honda CRV

Tuesday July 23rd

Carolyn sent us off with a good breakfast and we met David and Salvador on the dot of 8 AM in White City at the PODS storage yard for the transfer.  The solo PODS employee at this location used a forklift to retrieve our POD from the storage building where it has rested for the last 13 months.  Once we had the two door-to-door, the work began.
The forecast for Medford for today is 100+ degrees so our goal was to be finished by noon at the latest.  Dave and Sol were better than I could have hoped.  Both were strong and willing, and Sol had a good eye for packing, so Dave and I just kept handing him boxes and furniture and he wedged it all in somewhere.
We knew that the stuff in the POD would "fluff up", so we purposely ordered a truck that was much larger.  Good thing, because when we had everything transfered, we just barely had enough room to get the door of the truck closed.  The door closed on the truck at 11 AM and we were dog tired.  Mark and Carolyn had loaned us an ice chest, and we had iced down 24 bottles of water this morning for the crew,  and at 11 AM at least half of it was gone (along with the donuts Joan had scored for us!).

We were so pleased with our "employes", that we tiped them $25 each and wished them well.  Labor Ready will charge us, and pay them, for a 4 hour minimum and we feel that is very fair under the circumstances- they really performed for us, finishing at least an hour sooner than projected.  Did I mention that it was HOT?  Carolynh had made up cooling neck wraps for all 4 of us the night before.  These pre-soaked neck wraps have a special gel that holds water and keeps the neck area cool- what a god-send today!

Joan and I had a quick lunch at a fast food burger joint in  White City and were anxious to be on our way.  By Noon the convoy was in motion.  We chose the northern route- up I-5 to Winston and then over highway 42 to highway 101 and them South 25 miles to Port Orford.  At the little town of Coquille we could start to feel the coastal cool and could turn off the dash A/C and roll down the windows.  We stopped at All American Ice Cream and Frozen Yougut in Coquille for a small one-scoop cone before starting the last leg of the journey.  (My one scoop looked more like THREE scoops!)

We cruised into Port Orford at 5PM
The trip over from Medford was smooth and un-eventful, and by 5PM we were home!  

We found a suitable spot to unload the Goldwing and Jeff parked it in the garage, before we both headed for the solitude of our motorhome and some hot showers and dinner. ( in that order)

Wednesday July 24th

Today it is all us.  Joan and I will have to unload the whole truckload into the garage of our new home.  Why the Garage?  We don't get possession of the house until our seller moves out on the 31st, but we worked out an agreement to get our stuff in the garage before we had to pay another month's rent on the POD.

Up early- at Joan's request, we needn't have worried about over-heating, the high for today is a sunny 67 degrees.  Purr-fect!  No room for an injury here- we did our warm-up stretches, and promised that we would take it nice and slow- let the dollies do the work.

At 11:30 we were close enough to see parts of the front wall of the truck, but we were tired and hungry, so we closed the doors and headed back to the motorhome for lunch and a short siesta.

Back at work by 1:30 we were finished unloading by 2:30.   We swept out the truck and returned it to Kar Kare Auto Parts, the local U-Haul dealer here in the city.

Jeff still had some energy left, so he and Joan took a short boat ride on the lake,  A picture perfect finish to this high stress day!

Your Traveling Friends

Jeff and Joan

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