Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hanging around Southwestern Oregon

Odometer  35843 miles
Trip meter  196 miles

June 30, 2013

Joan and I took a long awaited drive out to the Cape Blanco Lighthouse just a few miles north of town.

The road out to the lighthouse takes you right past the Hughes House, which is a restored farm house from the 1890's.  We did not go in to the interior this time, but we have done so several times in the past.  It is authentically restored and furnished and there are docents who give tours and talk about family life in the late 1800's on the Oregon Coast.

The road to the lighthouse takes you 2 miles west off of highway 101 (The Oregon Coast Highway) to what once was a Coast Guard installation and the light house.

  Now all that is left of the Coast Guard presence here is a single building and several concrete slabs.  Joan and I honeymooned in this area when we were first married in 1977 and remember the locked gates and barbwire fences that surrounded the barracks, offices and warehouses that nestled around the lighthouse.

The lighthouse was commissioned in 1867 and built in 1870.  It is the oldest of all the surviving Oregon lighthouses.

The Coast Guard presence has been erased since they left in the 1980s as well as the keepers houses and oil houses of long ago.

The lighthouse tower itself is very reminiscent of the towers we toured in the eastern US.  The brick was to have been made by a local contractor but the quality was poor and the bricks were eventually ordered from the Bay Area and delivered by a ship, which was cast apon the shore in a gale as it was attempting to unload.
Wind speeds of 100 mph are not uncommon and pebbles driven by the wind, on at leat one occasion,  broke  windows of the lantern house!

The first lamp in the lighthouse was a first order fresnel lens with a hood that shuttered the light and gave it the appearance of blinking on and off.  That lens was exchanged for a second order lens with eight bulls-eyes that gave the characteristic on/off blink.  The lens was partially destroyed by vandals in 1992, and it was repaired by a local optician in Bandon in 1994 using Cornig Pyrex glass at a cost of $80,000 dollars.  This original lens, along with it's electric drive motor still survive (and work) today.

When RVers don't have anything else to do, they clean or repair something- and there always IS something to be cleaned or repaired.  Today Jeff tackeld the grungy BBQ grill- dismantling it and giving it liberal doses of Simple Green.

Jeff is always crunching numbers and analyzing our spending, comparing it to our budget numbers and one of his targets has always been to get Joan to cut his hair and save the $20 plus tip that it costs on the road.  Well today he got his wish and we will share the experience with you.

At first Jeff is looking a little apprehensive...

However Joan showed her competence and in no time Jeff was back to smiling.

Here Jeff gets to admire the awesome job-
And the proud barber beams in the back ground- pretty cool Joan!

July 8th, 2013
Joan and I had dental appointmets in Medford and we also made an appointment to meet a classic car appraiser for the Isetta we have for sale, so... We hauled up our anchor and headed from Port Orford to Medford on Monday the 8th of July.
Our trip down the coast towards Crescent City was fabulous.  We have a theory, and it has always played out this way- the day we decide to leave the coast is usually a beautiful sunny, and mostly windless gorgeous day.

Last week, my good friend Mark Salter  rode his motorcycle up to Port Orford to see the new house and chat for a while.  Mark is vacationing in his favorite spot- Brookings, this week.
Since Joan and I needed to head back over to Medford for appointments,  we stopped in at Brookings to see what Mark was up to.  Mark gave us some fresh cooked crab!  What a great lunch!
Joan who eschews most seafood, and especially crab and shrimp- had some mac and cheese.

Before showing the Isetta to the appraiser Jeff wanted to give it a very thorough going-over.
Mark and I bled the brakes just before we took it out to the Medford Cruise, on June 16th, and I felt at that time that the brakes could use some adjusting.  Therefore tonight,  we pulled it out of the garage and did the adjustments- it made for a late evening.

July 9th, 2013

Jeff's 8 o'clock dental cleaning went well, and we met Bill Cobb from American Appraisial Network at 11 to get the car appraised.  Bill thinks that the car is worth more than we are asking for it in our Craig's List ad, so we are going to pull the ad tonight.  The full report won't be complete until Friday at the earliest, we'll let you know the results.
Jeff loaded up on fishing gear at Wal-Mart today while Joan was getting our prescriptions filled- what a sneak!
Our US Cellular contract is up this month, so we looked at getting a plan for the iPhone we own.   ATT wants $80 bucks a month!  Yikes!  The salesperson told us to look into Straight Talk Wireless plans for ATT iPhones like ours.  Still pricy at $42  a month, but it may be worth more consideration.  Anybody that has tried it- let us know how it worked out for you.

Your Traveling Friends,

Jeff and Joan

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