Wednesday, March 13, 2013

RV Lifestyles- Part II

Location: Sunshine Key RV, Ohio Key, FL

I never know what I'll want to write about in this blog, but stuff just comes to me and I start to grin... then start thinking about ways to present the idea to you, my readers. Today a couple of  topics came my way. The first thought was another twist on the RV lifestyle theme that I started in my last blog- this time it would be site lighting.
In a typical RV park the sites are by necessity fairly similar. Some have a view, some will have a tree or shrub- but the vast majority of sites are, shall we say- generic. In order to show individuality many RVers decorate and enhance their site.   The longer one stays the more customized the site becomes. One very common way to exhibit an individual flair is to decorate with lighting, which has the dual purpose of providing lighting where there was none, and to show some creativity, and individuality.

Some sites are quiet and understated like this one:

A very neat laser light paints everything with little green dots, the photo doesn't do it justice.  The motorhome in the distance is also part of the effect- completely covered in shimmering green dots.

Some are bright and opulent like this one.
This lighting effect  will complement an evening party.

It is obvious that someone has invested quite a bit of time and taste into this light show
There is a tent canopy behind the vegetation that is lighted with rope lights and a central chandelier.

In this site, hundreds of lights have been spiraled around the palm tree in the foreground
Again- a well lit shelter invites a late evening of  food, spirits, games or conversation.

Those of us that share the park with these creative folks, get to enjoy the light shows as we take our evening stroll, and it has a lifting effect that adds variety to what could be too much sameness.

Earlier in the day today Joan and I were taking a bike ride through the park for exercise and enjoyment.  We have a habit of visiting the marina several times a day as we are out walking or riding, because manatees have been known to visit, and we have not gotten our fill of these gentle giants.  Today we were in luck!

This manatee was intrigued with the waterhose which was dangling in the water.  It stayed for quite a while, and was not the least bothered by our presence.  What a treat, especially knowing that there are probably less than 5,000 of this species left in the world!

The evening before, we saw a squid while walking through the marina.  I apologize for the grainy photo, but the combination of low light and water reflectivity made all my photos murky

One of the captains in the marina said is his 40 years working out of this marina, he's never seen a squid come into the harbor before.  This one put on quite a show for us, cavorting back and forth by the seawall and was not even frightened by several camera flashes.

When my father died last June, several of  our family members took some of his ashes to distribute in places that were important to us or places we thought our father would have liked.  I have a small container of ashes that I brought with me on this trip, and earlier in the afternoon today, Joan and I took some of my fathers ashes out onto the bridge connecting Ohio key from Scout Key and sprinkled his remains in the breeze above the clear caribean blue waters.  Rest in peace, I miss you more than I can say, and I think of you often.

Jeff and Joan

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