Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rockport Saturday Market

(This post is for Sunday the 20th I didn't get it finished until today)

Odometer 25557

Copano Bay RV Park has come alive- Three days of sunny, warm, weather- In a row! The warm temperatures got us revved up to go down to the Rockport Saturday Market.

RVers typically have a welcome sign at their home on wheels that identifies the occupants and their home state. Our goal was to see if we could find a sign crafter and get a sign made for our abode. We did find CWB Rustic Signs and ordered a redwood sign with our names and home state.

While we were at the museum last week, I encountered this photo of a local motor officer on his police special Honda GL 1200
Since the GL1200 is our current steed, it was of particular interest to me. Our good friends Mark and Carolyn are taking good care of our bike till we return to Medford next summer. (now where can I get a siren and lights for our bike)

More chores today. I told you all in my blog post in Balmorhea, TX about scratching the dickens out of the Honda CRV on an off- road excursion around Balmorhea Lake- well today I got some scratch remover and went to work on the scratches. It took me about 3 hours of hard rubbing with the polishing compound, but the results are great. It looks like I may have gotten back in Joan's good graces with this miracle. (it was pretty badly scratched).

Also treated the rusty gas piping under the coach with Rust Reformer, a neat compound I have used for years to stop rust in it's tracks. It turns the metal shinny black and blocks any further rust.

Who knows why having pipes that are not rusting makes me so happy- but there you have it.

Tomorrow we finally get to see our friends Jim and Sara who are visiting their son in San Antonio and have offered to drive down to the Coastal Bend to spend a few days with us here in Rockport.

Jeff and Joan

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  1. Hello, I found your blog, while searching for info about a Honda Goldwing Police motorcyle. Very nice picture on your site! I own a SAPD gl1200 and it's now running in Holland. But there's no information about the looks af the bike. Can you tell me where your photo was taken? Thank you very much and have a good trip! Regards, Patrick Strijker also see www.facebook.com/policewing