Friday, January 25, 2013

Rockport to Galveston- We're on the move again!

Odometer 27753

Trip meter 196

Our last full day in Rockport was spent with our good friends Jim and Sara. We went to the wetland interpretive area in Rockport to learn more about the birds and plants of the Coastal Bend.

The interpretive area was neatly laid out with gravel paths, and elevated walks. Trees and shrubs were marked with signs for identification.

This picture is a Roseate Spoonbill that was showing its fishing technique for us.
We also caught this pelican napping on a piling.

This same day we visited the Rockport Bay Education Center which is part of The University of Texas Marine Science Institute. The Education Center has a program sponsored by NOAA called Science on a Sphere(r).. The program is presented by projecting images on a 6 foot white sphere suspended from the ceiling.

The 5 projectors overlap seamlessly and can show movement like the rotation of the earth as viewed from space. As a matter of fact some of the photos projected on the sphere were taken from space. The presentation showed how data can be represented in graphic form on the globe. This photo shows the routing of data shared through the Facebook website. The data points are all that is shown- no outlines of any continents were added- the data points make the continental outlines.
After the presentation the presenter left the projectors on so we could take photos and act like Atlas holding the globe- who could resist?

As we packed up and made ready for our departure from Copano Bay RV Park, many of our new-found friends stopped to wish us well and to exchange contact information with us so we can keep in touch. We were quite touched and do hope to see these friends again soon. We understand from others, who have been traveling longer than we have, meeting old friends again down the road is more common than chance would predict.


We were ready and rolling down the road first thing this morning (Friday). Of course any of you who have been following us on this blog know that "first thing" for us is about 10:30 AM. We stopped in Port Lavaca for a salad at McDonalds, and again for a stretch break and an ice cream cone at West Columbia on our grueling 4 hour trip to Galveston. We are quite taken with this area, quite possibly because, thanks to Richard Burris, we have a spot in Dellanera RV Park, right on the ocean beach. The sun was setting, and we couldn't wait to get the motorhome set-up and grab a cold beverage and stroll down the beach.

The sunset was glorius.

Tomorrow we will tell you all about our exploration of Galveston and the surrounding area.

Jeff and Joan

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