Saturday, December 3, 2016

Visiting Friends

Odometer  54,464

Ajo, Arizona

We had a little bit of rain here, late afternoon and overnight.  It usually means that we can expect some beautiful blooms.

Joan on the Streets of Ajo

A local example of a "crested" cactus
Succulents including a Saguaro or an Organ Pipe cactus can get a somewhat rare genetic disorder that causes a defect in the tip, making it convolute into a crown shape.  These are called "Cristate".

Desert Camping Site for Our Friends
Joan and I were super excited when we got word form Howard and Mary Kay, our friends and neighbors from Oregon, that they would be visiting us here in Ajo, AZ.  Howard and Mary Kay have been on an extended RV trip and are now on their way back home to Oregon for the winter.  They gave us enough notice that we did some scouting and found some interesting and scenic places where they could wild camp on the BLM property south of town.  We spent a couple of days catching up on all their exploits since we last saw them in June.  We also took a tour of Ajo and the New Cornellia copper mine that is the reason for the townsite here in the Sonoran Desert.  The four of us also were excited about taking a trip to Organ Pipe National Monument, so we took a full day to visit the campground, visitors center and take the east loop drive through the scenic hills.

Friends Howard and Mary Kay at Organ Pipe National Monument

It was a whirl-wind 2-1/2 days, and before we knew it they were off again heading west to California before heading north to Oregon.

Your Traveling Friends,

Joan and Jeff

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