Saturday, December 6, 2014

Turn Towards Mexico

Odometer  43179
Trip Meter  290 miles

Saturday December 6th

Needles, CA  to Ajo, AZ

Our stay in the Needles area has been fun, the highlight of which was our reunion with Mary Lynn and Terry in Oatman.  David and Kathy, our friends from Port Orford have been awesome to allow us to use their RV hookups at their vacation home in the Mohave Valley of Arizona.  We will be back in mid-January when Bob and Beverly arrive in their motorhome after a long journey from their home in Ohio.

Joan and I worked at cutting  back and thinning the Salt Cedars that border the south side of the property, and we got a huge pile of limbs for our efforts.  In the end there was just too much biomass for the time we had to alot to the project.  We'll have to see if we can make another run at it when we return in January.

Dave's neighbors made us quite welcome, we have some new friends here.  Best of all we got some relaxation time and caught up on our reading, laundry, walks, bill paying, house cleaning, etc.

We are anxious to continue on to our favorite winter place in Ajo, AZ and the trip is a long one by our standards.  We have said many times in this blog that we enjoy traveling and we never want to get to the point where the driving gets tiresome.  290 miles means 6-1/2 to 7 hours of time on the road for us in a motorhome, we actually prefer to spend 4 hours or less on the road before we get to our destination and get set-up, awning out, and cold drinks in our hands.

Regular readers of this blog already know of our leaking propane tank.  We have an appointment at a large Winnebago service  center in Tucson in a weeks time.  Meanwhile we needed a work around for the interim, and we had the idea of using our Extend-A- Stay which would normally hook us up to a portable cylinder.  The only thing is we didn't have room for a good-sized clylinder in our propane bay with the hulking empty 30 gallon tank still in there.  So... we bought a small cylinder adapter and duct-taped a one pounder in the bay.  We only need this to operate our gas range and occasionally to run the referigerator while we are unplugged.  This rigging lets us keep the tank valve to the leaky tank shut off so no gas gets into the big tank.

And I'm happy to report that it stayed in place the whole trip- yeah duct tape!

The title of this blog comes from the signs we saw in Gila Bend as we were turning south onto AZ 85.  Joan and I were laughing that Ajo doesn't even get a mention- the sign says Mexico!  Makes this mural so appropriate.

Driving down here today we loved seeing the sun playing on the rugged mountains and the vast vistas from each high promitory.  When the Saguaro cacti started appearing like solitary sentinals on the ridgetops we felt a rush.  It's hard to express in words the rugged and stunning beauty of this desert.

Arriving at Shadow Ridge RV Resort  Ajo AZ

Your Traveling Friends

Jeff and Joan

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