Sunday, November 30, 2014

Summer on the Coast

Odometer-  Resting
Trip meter

October 1st 2014

I have not been good at posting blogs this summer- so it's time to catch up.  

Bamboo flooring on the stairs

Power wash and paint the house

Repair and caulk

Replace dry rot 

More scaffolding- this house has so many tough-to-get-at places

Finally some color other than brown

Replace a few windows

Rebuild the pantry shelves

      Friends Ralph and Ann in their 1914 Ford

Still time to spend with  friends-  Mike and Theresia, Horst and Alice,  Doug and Kathy, Carolyn and Mark, and Dawn and John to name a few.

And visits to and from, family

Our home-away-from-home, in Salem. OR .  My brother Thane and his wife Kathy have let us dock at their house so many times that we've lost count!

While in Salem, Joan and I got to reconnect with Todd and Karon Springstead, Jeff's niece and her husband.  The Springsteads have two children Kylie, a four year old daughter and Tavin who is almost 2.

Kylie, Tavin and Karon in an equestrian pose

Jeff gets in some playtime with Kylie

Best of all...

Mom finally accepted our invitation to visit Port Orford!  Sister Phebe drove up from Blue Lake, CA and we had a wonderful time.  We hope we can make this an annual event!

Your traveling friends

Jeff and Joan

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