Wednesday, July 30, 2014

McNeil Wedding

Port Orford, OR

Friday June 27th
It rained over night!  We woke to swirling winds and rain lashing the windows.  Luckily by the time we had eaten breakfast, the wind and rain had died down a lot and we were able to load up the motorhome with  the clothes and food we'd need, without getting soaked.  We departed at 11:30AM and headed north in a light drizzle.  By the time we got to Bandon the skies were clearing.  As we got closer to I-5 the weather got better and better.  When we arrived in Hugo, at the Joe Creek Waterfalls RV Park, the sun was out and it was 76 degrees.

Sat 28th 
We were here to assist our good friends Jim and Sara McNeil to set up for their son Chris' wedding. Chris has been working and living in San Antonio, Texas for the last several years.  While there he met and proposed to Lianna Flores.  Both Chris and Lianna like the setting of Jim and Sara's house which is in the Hugo area, north of Grants Pass.  So for the last year, Jim and Sara have been readying for a large out-door wedding on their front lawn

Joan and I are here to be the 'working staff' for the wedding preparations.  anything that needs to be done, we are game to do it.

The ceremony is at 6 PM, followed by dinner and dancing, and drinking.  By 4:30- all is ready, so Joan and I sneak off to shower and change clothes.

The weather cooperated, and the ceremony was picture-perfect.

The newly wed, Chris and Lianna McNeil.

The catered dinner was excellent

And the revelers danced into the wee-hours of the night

We scooted off to our bed by 11PM, up bright and early for the clean-up tomorrow.

Great fun!

The take-down and clean-up went very quickly and Joan and I were off to Costco for our binge shopping by a little after noon.

Monday we checked out of Joe Creek Waterfall RV Park, and cruised on back to our home port in Port Orford.

Your Traveling Friends

Jeff and Joan

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