Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Summer Place

Odometer is resting
Trip Meter 2 mi

Thursday May 1st

Joan and I hopped into the little aluminum row boat and took a leisurely row west on the lake to the dune that separates the lake from the ocean.


After tying up the boat, we walked over the dune and sat in the warm sand and watched the waves come crashing in.

Look back over your shoulder and there is the lake...

Look straight ahead and there is the Pacific.. look to the north up the beach and you can just make out the Cape Blanco light house.  This is an awesome place we live in.

Friday, I helped Mike, a friend, and a fellow Rotarian, cut 3x10 lumber for raised planter boxes for the Port Orford Community Garden.  For my labors, Mike gave me some makings for a planter .

Joan and I are keen on finishing the fence that the previous owners had started, across the back (north) side of our lots.  
We purchased the posts last summer, but didn't have time to get them set before our trip south for the winter.   Now we have time- sooo...

In they go...  The locals put posts every 6 feet and anchor them in concrete to keep the wind from blowing the fence over- we are doing the same on our section. 

Your traveling friends,

Jeff and Joan

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