Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mexico Again

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Thursday Jan 16, 2014

Our good friends Jim and Sara arrived from Grants Pass, via Glendale,AZ where Jim has been safety training, and they were both visiting Jim's cousins. They traveled by car so when they arrived here in Ajo, they stayed in a cabin at La Siesta Motel and RV park.
We had fun touring the museum and plaza, driving the scenic loop roads and such.  Joan and I wanted to convey the essence of the area to our friends and see if they would understand what it is we like about Ajo. As nice a place as this is we would run out of things to do pretty quickly- so we decided to take another quick day trip to Puerto Penasco, Mexico!

This trip was going to be more fun for Joan and me, because we could be a little more relaxed, and we already knew our way around.  We stopped at the cool tourist shops we saw but didn't visit last time.
Trouble is this shop is closed and the sign said it was for rent- oh well there's still Rodeo Drive- yep, that's their name for it.
Lots of open shops here- and we saw quite a few- if not all of them.  Joan bought a wind chime from one vendor that is made entirely of local shells.  We got to watch as one was being made on site by the proprietress. 

It was 1:00 by the time we were shopped out- and we were getting hungry.  Last visit a fellow RVer we talked with gave us some suggestions for the local restaurants, and we found the Hut right where he said it would be.

The weather was fabulous, so we opted to eat out on the patio.
The food was indeed very good.  I really enjoyed the fish and prawns I ordered.  Jim, Sara and Joan all agreed it was a good tip. Full and happy, we headed for the beach.  We all wanted to get a chance to do some walking and wading in the clear blue waters of the Sea of Cortez.
To our great delight, the water was warm and the sand was soft under our feet.  To our great alarm- there was lots of broken glass to avoid.  Jeff and Joan both picked up hand fulls fo glass shards while strolling down the beach- praying we wouldn't step on any jagged, half-buried bits that we couldn't see.  Even the glass couldn't spoil the great time we had talking, wading and picking out shells in the light surf.
Jim and Sara

At around 3 PM we reluctantly decided that it was time to head back north. The two hour trip was uneventful, and the border crossing went smoothly, we were back at our motorhome by 5 PM.  
Sara and Joan whipped up a light dinner, and we talked through the evening.

Jim and Sara were leaving Friday morning heading north so we all agreed to meet at Marcella's Restaurant up the street and have a bon voyage breakfast.

Never a dull moment!

Your Traveling Friends

Jeff and Joan

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